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The local entrepreneur's journey impacting lives across Aotearoa

Launched in 2021, by entrepreneur Dairne Burns (Daz), The Good Day Matrix is a platform offering free wellbeing services online and paid-for corporate wellbeing services for organisations in Aotearoa.   

Daz's story with The Good Day Matrix started six years ago, after she had her second son, she was left feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, unmotivated, and unconfident.  

It wasn't until her husband suggested that she invite a group of friends over to exercise in their garage that her wellbeing journey began.    

"I thought, I can't do that, I can't even sort myself out." said Daz." But then a couple of weeks later, I thought, maybe it's not the worst idea and invited some friends over."  

From what started as hosting 7 women exercising in her garage, it didn't take long for the group to turn into a community of 120 women coming to Daz's house every day.   

"We built this community of women who wanted to feel comfortable, safe, and connected working out where they were."  

Daz soon realised the impact she was having and decided that she wanted to turn her 'garage community' into an app, and The Good Day Matrix idea was born.  

The connection element was essential for Daz when scoping The Good Day Matrix platform.   

"Exercise was our second, third, or fourth priority. Connection was our number one and being accountable to turn up on those days we felt rubbish." 

"We're not just a free wellbeing platform. We want to become the voice that's out there advocating and pushing for change." 

The Good Day Matrix includes videos and blogs about pilates, HIIT and yoga workouts, cooking lessons, and self defence classes, as well as fortnightly interviews with Kiwis discussing their own personal wellbeing journeys. 

"Wellbeing is not a product, it's not a specific service, it's not a pill, it's not a pair of tights. Wellbeing is something that you have to go and find for yourself and then consistently keep prioritizing." 


Born and bred in Hamilton, Daz says that she is proud to be based in the mighty Waikato.  

"There is so much going on in our region, so I am incredibly proud to be based in the Waikato. Everything is so handy and central here, there is a great vibe.” 

“I believe that this will be the tech hub of Aotearoa not too far from now. With a lot of specialists moving into our region, it's exciting for the Waikato." 

Being a founder of 6 companies throughout her life, one challenge Daz faced as an entrepreneur was looking after her own wellbeing.  

"I kept breaking promises to myself every single day, and I wasn't accountable to anybody, but I didn’t need to be. I needed to be accountable to myself. So, one thing I will never do is break promises to myself again, just like I wouldn't break promises to anyone else." 

"I think that's a really, really important lesson that I wish I could have told myself, that I'm just as important as everybody else hearing the message."  

The Good Matrix's goal is to be widely known in New Zealand as being an unbiased platform that just shares what wellbeing can be for you.  

“There is no finish line to that dream.”  

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