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Waikato Region

The Waikato region is one of the most productive regions in New Zealand. Its prime location and diverse economy are the springboard for innovation and boundless opportunity.

The Waikato region’s prime location and diverse economy are at the heart of the region’s competitive advantage. These, coupled with our stunning environment, relatively affordable housing, educational opportunities and community networks add up to a place of opportunity for workers, business investors, students and visitors.

The Waikato region’s 10 districts and city sit at the heart of an area that is home to more than half New Zealand’s population. Quality infrastructure and easy access to the rest of the country, including the export ports of Auckland and Tauranga, enable easy movement of goods, services, people and ideas.

The Waikato is New Zealand’s beating heart. 

The Waikato has a can-do culture that grows and celebrates success. It’s a powerful incubator for new thinking, high performance and a genuinely rewarding lifestyle.