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Hamilton boutique encouraging ethical sustainable fashion

Found is a boutique retail store located in Hamilton specialising in clothing and homewares from ethical and sustainably conscious brands.

Co-founders Ann-Maree and Liz began Found during the end of the 2020 covid-19 lockdown, opening their online store in July 2020.

The pair complement each other with their similar creative interests- sharing a passion for well-made garments and second-hand shopping. Anne-Maree is a qualified make-up artist with over 15 years' experience in the industry and Liz has worked as a stylist, spending 10 years working in clothing consignment.

“I think when it comes to Found we aren't quiet with what we sell, we love something loud, bright and colourful, we really like to encourage our customers to step out of their comfort zone,” says co-founder Liz.

The pair select Found’s clothing and products themselves and like it to be made or based in New Zealand or Australia, well-made, ethically-made, sustainably made.  

“When it comes to sustainability, you can never be perfect, but it's something that we are always learning and challenging ourselves on.”

“We would like sustainable shopping to be the norm.”

The pair are big believers of brick and water retail, so when the opportunity arose to open their in-person store in Hamilton CBD’s Riverbank Lane, Liz said they couldn’t let it slip by.  

“Just the look and the feel of Riverbank Lane, I'd say it’s one of the coolest spaces we have here."

"We knew that we were offering something unique and that it needed to be delivered the right way.”

Found’s online presence is a massive part of their success, with the store having over 11,000 followers on Instagram, they utilise their unique business position in Hamilton.

Liz encourages ‘anyone and everyone’ who wants to start a business to do it in the region and is an advocate for the Waikato business community and the endless opportunity.

“As a brand we are really passionate about our community and getting to know our customers. It's not about a sale for us, it's about us making friends and retail is a great space for that."

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