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Matamata Creamery scoops up medals at NZ Ice Cream and Gelato Awards

Local Kōwhai Creamery won big at the New Zealand Ice Cream and Gelato Awards this past month. The creamery was awarded a gold medal for their Ginger and Turmeric gelato alongside one bronze medal and four silver medals for their remaining entries.

Founded six years ago, Kōwhai Creamery is a located in Matamata creating sorbet and awarded-winning gelato, produced from awarded winning milk.

“The intentions of Kōwhai Creamery are to celebrate regional excellence of dairy,” says Adam Barton, Kōwhai Creameries Director.

The Creamery utilises Jersey Girl Organics to produce their gelato. Located over the fence from Kowhai’s Tasting Room, Jersey Gril Organics it is known for its award-winning certified organic, A2 Jersey Milk.

This allows the customer to enjoy a treat while being conscious about the products they are consuming.

Adam believes what makes New Zealand stand out is our dairy farming practices.

“There is a big opportunity for growth as New Zealand is globally desired for their dairy because of its practices.”

“We have really good grass here; we use Jersey organics which is certified organic in their A2 milk, this gives us our point of difference.”

Adam Barton,  Kōwhai Creamery

“We are focused on bringing the country into the product by connecting the cow to the cone, but the country to the consumer.”

Kōwhai creamery is rich in both flavour and history, Adam values his local roots and incorporates historic family memorabilia throughout the décor in the tasting room located in Matamata.

“The Matamata-Piako is a great dairy region and suited to our business.”

When asked about the future of Kōwhai Creamery, Adam believes the future is bright and is hopeful for future growth with potential of overseas export.

“We are always trying to grow and deliver our product into new markets.”

Checkl out where you can find Kowhai Creamery products here

Kowhai Creamery- NZ Ice Cream and Gelato Medals

Gold Medal- Ginger and Turmeric Gelato

Silver Medals- Blood Orange Chocolate Shatter, Salted Caramel, Jersey Cow Caramel, Doris Plum Cider Sorbet

Bronze Medal- Chocolate Cake Gelato 

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