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2022 New Zealand Economics Forum- Dealing with Covid's long tail

The 2022 New Zealand Economics Forum will bring together an outstanding lineup of top economists, policymakers, business and social leaders, and public sector officials.

They will share their expert perspectives on how we can address some of the major challenges and opportunities facing our country today as a result of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.

Guest speakers will discuss a wide range of themes, including disruptions to the business sector and how our economy can recover, the outlook for monetary and fiscal policy, reinvigorating our health and education sectors, housing and infrastructure, the future of the Māori economy, global trade and investment, and labour and immigration.

The Former New Zealand Prime Ministers Rt Hon Jim Bolger (1990-1997) and Rt Hon Helen Clark (1999-2008) will join our keynote speaker lineup for the 2022 New Zealand Economics Forum, which is being held as an online virtual event on 24 & 25 February.

They will share their unique perspectives on the global implications of Covid-19; what New Zealand and the world should be doing next; and the challenges of leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Our other two keynote speakers are Adrian Orr, Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand; and Dr Caralee McLeish, Chief Executive and Secretary of the New Zealand Treasury.

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