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Wintec carpentry educator elected as New Zealand Certified Builders Association Waikato president

Alan Warburton, a Programme Coordinator at the Centre for Trades at Wintec in Hamilton has recently been elected as the president of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association (NZCB) Waikato. 

NZCB are the only builder organisation in New Zealand with strict entry criteria where the minimum entry requirement for all members is a recognised industry trade qualification in carpentry.

According to Warburton, “if you’re hiring a NZCB builder, it means they’re qualified, they’re good at what they do and they have a good reputation.”
Warburton, who has spent much of his life on the tools and in the classroom, was asked to step into this role as the former president of the NZCB stepped down due to other commitments.

He joined Wintec as a Level 3 Carpentry tutor two and a half years ago, and his current role sees him growing the carpentry apprenticeship numbers and developing the apprenticeship programme at Wintec.

Warburton’s involvement with NZCB began through Wintec, who as one of NZCB’s partners, offer an apprenticeship programme called Industry Training Association – Building (ITAB) at the Centre for Trades.

Through this relationship, he was asked to sit on the committee for NZCB and has enjoyed the responsibilities and industry engagement since then.
Warburton sees his new promotion as a way to step up into a leadership role in the industry, which will also enable to him to give back, something that drives him as an educator.

“For me, it’s a great way to make connections and engage with industry. The NZCB offer many opportunities to upskill through workshops, professional development days, and it keeps me in the know about the latest building innovations and practices.

“Through running the NZCB/ITAB carpentry apprenticeships at Wintec, I can provide support for these apprentices in a variety of ways. A big part of this role is supporting NZCB members in the Waikato region, our ITAB apprentices and promoting NZCB as an association.”

Warburton, whose role includes organising different trade related events in the Waikato, is currently promoting the NZCB Apprentice Challenge this April and has a few other events in the pipeline that he is excited about, including a charity golf day and a bowling event.

“Being in this role gives me the opportunity to promote ITAB through different events that are on. There is an NZCB on the job learning event in late March.
“I’ll be at the event promoting the trades courses that we offer at Wintec, and we’ll have the enrolment team there ready to sign up new apprentices.”

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