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New Zealand’s National Fieldays is an annual agricultural event that takes place in the Waikato region. The four-day event is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, attracting around 130,000 visitors annually.

Fieldays is held at Mystery Creek Events Centre, a multi-purpose events venue on 114 hectares of natural surrounds 15 minutes from Hamilton. It is a platform for cutting edge technology and innovation, bringing people together from all over the globe: exhibitors and visitors alike.

The event started from humble beginnings in 1969 and was established by the not-for-profit National Fieldays Society. With a budget of $10,500, it attracted an estimated 15,000 people. Today, Fieldays is a major highlight on the calendar of farmers, industry professionals, and those interested in agriculture, providing an opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in agriculture and agribusiness.

The event features over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing everything from farm machinery and equipment to new agriculture technologies and products. Attendees can see first-hand the latest developments in farming techniques, crop management and livestock care, and gain insights into sustainable agriculture practices.

Fieldays is an opportunity for farmers to network with others in the industry. The event attracts a range of attendees, including farmers, agribusiness professionals, researchers, and students, and is a great opportunity to build relationships in the sector.

The value that Fieldays brings to the Waikato region is immense – Fieldays 2021 generated an estimated $400 million in economic activity for the region. The event helps promotes the Waikato region as a hub for agricultural innovation and excellence, attracting new investment and interest in the area. It also showcases the Waikato as a top tourist destination and highlights the benefits of living and working in the region.

The event is held in mid-June which is a quieter period for farmers to take some time off the farm, however, Fieldays 2022 was the first year the event was held in November after being postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. From 2023 onwards Fieldays will return to its winter dates, offering agriculture technology, innovations, shopping, competitions, local food, and events.

New Zealand’s National Fieldays is a must-attend event for anyone interested in agriculture and agribusiness or for a fun family day out.

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