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The Tunes of Waikato

“To showcase and promote the rich musical talents of the Youth from Waikato Region through selecting, mentoring, recording, showcasing and making it easily accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world”.

With the support from funding organisation in the Waikato, Youth School Leaders, community organisations and several music lovers, Waikato Rocks Trust a charitable organisation has launched their project called Tunes of Waikato.

An exclusive website for the songs of Waikato Region was established in July this year along with a mobile app for listening on the go. All the musicians from the region are invited to upload their original song/music on this website. This free music streaming website exposes the tunes of several communities in the Waikato.

The significant aspect of Tunes of Waikato project is, every year select four youth bands from the Waikato region comprising of the following districts: Waikato, Hamilton City, Waipa, Otorohanga, Waitomo, Taupo, Rotorua, South Waikato, Matamata-Piako, Hauraki and Thames-Coromandel.  Mentor the four bands using successful musicians and record four of each band’s songs in a top studio in Hamilton. Organise about 20 gigs in the schools and education centres in the Waikato.

Tunes of Waikato is the first-ever project of this kind in the whole of New Zealand!

This project allows people from the wider community to discover amazing music and musicians for free, which improve and creates more job opportunities for musicians in our region.

Auditioning and selecting four youth bands every year and popularising them benefits the young and talented musicians from several communities.

This project produces famous young musicians every year and gives hope to young musicians and the music community.

This year’s audition is called Youth Music Challenge and it is happening on the 18th of August 2019 from 10 am to 8 pm at the Meteor, Hamilton. All the young musicians of age 12 to 24 from the Waikato region are welcome to register at and compete in this exciting event. Musicians can compete as a solo, duo or a band. 

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