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Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out

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What is the Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out?
It is a day to come together, to learn, to cross pollinate, to challenge perspectives and to leave empowered and inspired to make a difference for our teams - all in the name of long term, authentic, effective and thriving workplace wellbeing.

Some themes we will cover:
- Connection
- Accountability and behaviour
- Boundaries
- Values and expectations
- Communication, shared language and conversations
- Diversity and authenticity
- Psychological safety

Who is the Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out for?
EVERYONE in a workplace who cares about other humans!
This is for you.
This is for your team.
This is for the future of your organization.

Thriving wellbeing affects your WHOLE organisation, across all departments, so you need to involve all levels in conversations and decision making.

What can you expect?
- Lots of learning.
- Lots of meaningful conversations.
- Lots of connections.
- Lots of questions to dig deeper.
- Lots of energy.
- Lots of practical things you can do for your team.
- Lots of future forward thinking.
- Lots of yummy food (bonus!).

Throughout the workshop we will mahi on topics specific to your organization.
You will also have opportunities throughout the day to mahi together with people from other organizations on common themes that we identify together throughout the day.

What is your responsibility?
As leaders, any change starts and ends with us.
As leaders, any magic that sticks relies on us.
As leaders, we have a key role in the mental health of every single member of our team.
As leaders, our words and actions being consistently in alignment is critical.
As leaders, we need to support our people, in ways that meet THEIR needs, not just tick a box.
As leaders, we have to be compliant with the Health and Safety Legislation.
As leaders, it is our responsibility to make sure wellbeing is part of our everyday BAU…
- Conversations
- Behavior
- Meeting structures
- Boundaries
- Planning
- Guiding documents

Our heartfelt recommendation
We have all been on epic professional development courses before, that have inspired us, triggered our desire for change and showcased the how, the what, the why and the when to make it happen… then, we return back to our workplaces and our team don't have the same ‘omph’ or motivation to move the waka with us, because they weren’t a part of the professional development too.

So you can imagine, what happens next is you lose your motivation and drive, because you are going it alone, the wheels fall off and you return to business as usual, knowing there is more to be done.
So, for this reason, we 100% recommend, if it is possible for your organization, that you attend with at least one colleague, or more, to be able to develop your own Waiora (wellbeing) Team who you can share moments with during the day and work with back in your work environments to drive momentum together. 
Wellbeing is a team sport.

Buy Tickets

Standard ticket price: $120 per person + BF + GST 
*If you want to book for more than five people from your team to come along, send us an email and we will organise a group discount of 20% for you off the standard ticket price.

Date & Time
Gallagher Hub, Wintec Te Pūkenga, City Campus Tristram Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton, New Zealand

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