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Smart Factory Showcase - Waikato

Category: Manufacturing
Immerse yourself in the Virtual Nautech Smart Factory Tour and experience the future of manufacturing during our captivating in-person Showcase

In partnership with Callaghan Innovation, EMA and Beca have created the Smart Factory Showcase to demystify and break Industry 4.0 down to the nuts and bolts of what it means for your business in a practical sense. 

Come to gain a truer understanding of Industry 4.0 and its implications for manufacturers!

Back in 2019, Nautech used to capture all the data, record in spreadsheets, analyze it all and review at the end of the month – well that is too late.   You need to know now!  The whole Industry4 makes you realise the importance of that connectivity from your ERP system to the factory floor, monitoring it, displaying it, and analysing it in real time.

 The virtual Smart Factory tour of Nautech is a unique experience of a highly advanced factory here in NZ with a high level of industry4 integration across their entire business.  This is an eye-opening experience for manufacturing leaders and their teams to understand how the integration of systems and technology will allow agility and rapid decision making.

What new opportunities are there that you don’t know about, and how can you apply them?  Look no further than the Nautech Smart Factory Showcase. 

The event agenda includes: 

  • Introduction to Nautech Electronics 
  • The role of Industry4.0 across  
  • Sales, procurement and planning 
  • Systems and connectivity 
  • Research and development 
  • Inwards goods and stores 
  • Machine set-up and production run 
  • Assembly and test 
  • Facilities and sustainability 
  • Smart business models and strategy 

Using tablets, the event guides 20-30 participants through a three-hour Digital Twin capture of Nautech.

This is a FREE to attend in person event and we encourage to bring your team along to collaborate and share ideas while networking with other manufacturers.

Post-tour – you’ll have access to the ‘Digital Twin Capture’ of Nautech for two weeks. A great opportunity to explore specific areas in more depth and guide other team members through the experience.

Date & Time
Waikato Innovation Centre, 3 Melody Lane, Hamilton East

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