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ofi Announces Almond Hull Feed Trial for NZ

Olam Food Ingredients (ofi) today announced it is commencing a trial of a new animal feed for New
Zealand dairy farmers that has the potential to help reduce both methane emissions and input costs

on farm.

ofi operates large-scale almond orchards in Australia. The trial will see the almond hulls and shells
that are currently a by-product of almond processing repurposed into a nutritious feed source for

dairy cows in New Zealand.

“Almond hulls are a proven source of nutrition for dairy cows. As part of our research for the trial we
met with Australian dairy farmers successfully using almond hulls as a source of fibre in a pasturebased
system. That gives us confidence the model will work well here,” said Paul Johnson, GM Milk

Supply for ofi New Zealand.

The feed will be supplemented with Agolin Ruminant (Agolin) which has the potential benefit of
reducing methane emissions and increasing the feed conversion rate, which in turn will support milk


Johnson says the trial period will explore ways to efficiently and effectively package and transport

the feed, and assess if the feed can be manufactured and used in New Zealand at scale.

“Another part of our assessments will be how to blend this feed source in an optimum way with
existing feed used in New Zealand dairy farming blends or supplied in bulk on farm. We know animal
feed is a significant input cost on a dairy farm and believe this trial will make a real difference to our

farmers’ bottom lines,” he said.

ofi Country Head for Australia and New Zealand, Duncan Smith, said the trial will also bring benefits

to ofi’s Australian operation.

“Finding a consistent way to repurpose almond hulls and shells, which are a nutritious by-product of
our almond processing, has been a priority for us as it will contribute to a more efficient and
sustainable way of operating on our orchards.”

ofi has also appointed Sarah Greenwood as a farmer relationship manager. Sarah brings a
background in animal feed nutrition and will lead the trial in the coming months. Access to the trial
is open only to ofi dairy farm partners in New Zealand.

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