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Te Waka Six Monthly Report January - June 2020

Te Waka's focus for the January - June 2020 period has been the response to COVID-19.

The report also features a discussion on the refreshed Te Waka Strategic Plan, which provides an insight into our forward direction.

Moving forward, you will see Te Waka focus more intently on priorities in our sharpened Strategic Plan. 

We will take the experience learned over the last two years of establishment and operations, coupled with the learning developed during COVID-19, to lock in our way of working. 

You will see Te Waka:

  • Providing a regional framework that empowers local economic development staff and business associations to deliver.
  • Work with partners to increase alignment in the provision of economic intelligence and insights to support regional decision-makers.
  • Through sector orientated activity, support business leaders make the most out of regional strengths and remove roadblocks to sustainable regional growth.
  • Collaborate with sector leaders, councils, and other key stakeholders on business/investment attraction initiatives.

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