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How will Te Waka’s Economic Development Agency Capability Funding benefit Waikato organisations?

Funding will be used to assist organisations to develop PGF applications. Te Waka is aiming to achieve the following outcomes for Waikato organisations:

  • Identify and qualify a pipeline of major projects applicable for PGF funding
  • Accelerate the number of projects presented to the PGF
  • Secure successful investment deals for projects
  • Increase capacity and capability of firms looking for further investment by working alongside existing service providers
To achieve these outcomes, Te Waka will operate under the following scope:
  • Work closely with Waikato Provincial Development Unit staff to identify and prioritise projects for potential investment
  • Develop and maintain a list of projects and their relative position in terms of criteria such as viability, governance/management, fit with regional priorities, connectedness with other projects, stage in their evolution through to investment ready
  • Review projects to qualify their viability, filter out non-viable projects, identify what needs to be completed to improve viability, ascertain the position of the project in the pipeline of projects
  • Review and guide development of feasibility and business cases with project owners to ensure projects are ready for investment
  • Identify and engage with potential funders and assist in securing investment deals
  • Provide direction and guidance to project owners for the effective planning, monitoring and delivery of projects 

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