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A launch pad for your career.

A launch pad for your career.

While you’re studying in the Waikato you’ll get plenty of opportunities to connect with industry and start building contacts for when you enter the workforce. A wide range of Waikato businesses offer part time, casual, work experience or internships, and are usually happy to hire international students. These jobs often have flexible hours that can be scheduled around class times.

Our education providers are well connected to all sectors of industry and many offer workplace-based experience as part of their study programmes. The practical skills you gain and the contacts you make will give you a head start as you get ready for the next stage of your life’s journey.

The University of Waikato

The University of Waikato is committed to providing students with opportunities to integrate what they have learned with meaningful practical work experiences. Their work-integrated learning papers (units/modules) create a link between academic learning and the practical application of this learning in the workplace. These units are a compulsory component of all the University’s undergraduate degrees. The University also offers several postgraduate qualifications that include internships.


Wintec is renowned for its industry connections. When you study with Wintec, you study for real world business and employment. Their courses are highly practical and give you not only the technical skills and knowledge but also the employability skills needed for successful entry in your chosen career. At Wintec, work-integrated learning and work-based learning experiences are integrated in your student experience from day one and in all their programmes. You will enjoy industry partners as guest lecturers, project sponsors, and assessors. Wintec provides work-site visits, practical work experiences, projects for and with industry and internships. Throughout your study experience, Wintec connects you with prospective employers and helps you with career advice.

Design Factory NZ is part of the Design Factory Global Network - a group of innovation hubs located in various institutes worldwide. Based on Wintec’s City Campus, their programmes offer students an experience that reflects a modern-day workplace where employees often work cross-functionally to solve organisational and business challenges. The purpose is to drive practical problem-solving while connecting students to industry partners with real-world issues. Working together, students will co-create a solution to their challenge.

This industry engagement provides students with opportunities to build strong industry networks while studying with Wintec. The skills and processes students learn mean that no matter which career path they follow, as graduates, they will be able to add value to their workplace with innovative, solutions-focused leadership