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The Waikato Region’s Technology Sector

waikato technology

The Waikato is one of New Zealand's most rapidly growing regional tech sectors and a hub of technological advancements. With over 50 ICT companies and a proud history in agritech, the Waikato stands at the forefront of cutting-edge developments.


Technology in the Waikato

The Waikato is home to a thriving tech landscape. Here, established and emerging innovators are embracing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics to create value and achieve sustainability goals. The agritech sector in particular plays a pivotal role in the region's renowned status as the dairy production powerhouse of New Zealand.

To foster a thriving tech ecosystem, the region proudly hosts a vibrant calendar of tech events that attract industry leaders, future visionaries, and supporters alike. These gatherings encourage collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, vital elements for driving technological progress. 

The region also has active innovation hubs and collaborative associations to help those in the tech sector to solve problems, create efficiencies and come together to support each other.


The Waikato has a long proud history in agritech, with the electric fence and aerial top dressing two of the innovations to come from our region. Across the Waikato, established agritech icons and emerging enterprises share a passion for innovation and are embracing new technologies. Leveraging the power of AI, the region's agritech pioneers are employing crop monitoring, precision agriculture, and predictive analysis to optimise farming practices and yield.

The Waikato also hosts Fieldays, the largest agricultural trade and technology event in the southern hemisphere, which recognises excellence in agritech through its annual Fieldays Innovation Awards.

Leading agritech businesses in the Waikato include:

Artificial Intelligence:

Leading institutions like the University of Waikato are nurturing the next generation of tech experts, ready to shape the future. The University of Waikato's Artificial Intelligence Institute, home to New Zealand’s most powerful supercomputer for AI applications, is focused on promoting interdisciplinary collaboration to harness AI for the greater good of our communities. Leveraging the capability and skill development of our university, local technology businesses are specialising in AI, machine learning, advanced analytics and computer vision to solve complex problems.

Local tech companies innovating through the use of AI include:


The Waikato has an emerging hub of Education Technology (EdTech) companies that are increasing the access to, quality and impact of education through innovative technology, for the  benefit of learners locally and around the world. Our local EdTech companies operate in a range of areas include language learning, STEM education, and digital learning platforms.

Local EdTech companies in the Waikato include:

Why Waikato?

The Waikato region presents a compelling proposition for businesses and innovators seeking a thriving tech ecosystem. Supported by leading tertiary educators that produce a strong local talent pool, the sector has developed a culture of connection, support and collaboration, encouraging innovation and enabling companies to reach new heights.

Hamilton City, the Waikato's largest city, has been recognised as a Smart City, securing the 21st position in the Smart City Governments Rankings by Eden Strategy Institute (2021). This accolade reflects the city's successful integration of digital technology, knowledge, and assets to enhance city services, making it an ideal location for tech-driven initiatives.

We’re home to an increasing number of successful businesses that are leading the way in data security, robotics, artificial intelligence, software development and advanced data processing applications. These companies are grounded in their core values, enabled by adaptability, and supported by a culture of collaboration that is uniquely Waikato.

Te Waka and the Technology Sector

Te Waka is a driving force for growth in the Technology sector. As regional coordinator for Waikato’s annual Techweek, Te Waka plays an active role in celebrating local innovators and highlighting technology for the benefit of all. Additionally, Te Waka works in partnership with the Waikato Tertiary Tech Alliance to support better connections between local technology students, graduates and local tech employers to improve pathways for emerging tech talent and retain talent in the region. Read about an event Te Waka ran to support the Technology Sector here.

Te Waka is acutely aware of the significance and importance of Technology in a growing digital world and is a keen supporter of initiatives that help to grow the sector in the Waikato.  


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