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Waitomo District

Waitomo District
Map of New Zealand, with the Waitomo district highlighted

The Waitomo District is located in the south-western part of the Waikato region and is known for adventure and natural beauty – both above and below the ground.  


The Waitomo District enjoys rich soil and a temperate climate, resulting in fast-growing pastures. The largest agricultural industry is sheep and beef farming, which is supported by a local meat works industry, livestock transport companies, and wool buyers.  

Local businesses in Waitomo include award-winning cafes and restaurants, tourism and accommodation, and rural servicing and construction.  

The Waitomo District is ideal for those seeking adventure and natural beauty, with a labyrinth of world-renowned limestone caves, underground galleries and grottos. The limestone is also mined from various quarries in the Waitomo District and transported across New Zealand. 


The Waitomo District is one hour away from Hamilton Airport [HLZ]. The Waitomo District Council released a 10-year plan for 2021-2031, outlining that the number of dwellings in the Waitomo Rural Ward is projected to increase. More information can be found in the Waitomo District Council 10 Year Plan 2021-2031

Investment Opportunities

Like all districts in the Waikato region, Waitomo is committed to dedicated sustainable growth, and potential development and investment opportunities. 


Waitomo District Business Support Services 

Legendary Te Kuiti
Legendary Te Kūiti is a local organisation that supports and advocates on behalf of Te Kūiti businesses.
Soda Inc
Soda provides advice, information, referrals and connections to businesses in the Waitomo District seeking support for their growth journey.
H&W Tourism
Hamilton & Waikato Tourism is the official Regional Tourism Organisation for the Waitomo District. 


Local Insights

The Waikato Wellbeing Project shares wellbeing knowledge for each district in the Waikato region. Visit the Waitomo District page for data that includes the Community Compass Report from Dot Loves Data which provides a quarterly snapshot of key socio economic indicators, and the Community Insights Explorer Tool which provides local social and demographic data to support local decision making.

Te Waka's district level reports of the Waikato Business Sentiment Survey give insight on the unique strengths and challenges for each district in the region.

Waitomo District Council

Waitomo District Council  

The Waitomo District Council is comprised of 7 councillors, one of which is the Mayor. For more information, their website.

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