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Taupō District

Taupō District
Map of New Zealand, with the Taupo district highlighted
Taupo Huka Falls aerial view

The Taupō District is located in the south of the Waikato region, with sparkling Lake Taupō, the great inland sea of New Zealand at its centre.


Located in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, the Taupō District has world-class natural attractions including Australiasia’s largest freshwater lake, a dual World Heritage national park, and New Zealand’s most visited natural attraction, the mighty Huka Falls. The Taupō District also has a wealth of natural resources including geothermal heat, land and water.

The Taupō District’s major industries are geothermal energy, forestry and wood processing, and agriculture.

Land Availability

There is a substantial area of residential-zoned land available for development in Kinloch over Lake Taupō. There is also land available for industry in conjunction with geothermal co-location land use. New industrial growth areas provide the opportunity for businesses to relocate to live, work and play in the Taupō District.


Businesses in the Taupō District enjoy easy access to an airport in Taupō. The CBD and civic precinct has recently been upgraded, with an increase in quality hotel offerings, restaurants and a more engaging visitor lakefront experience.

Investment Opportunities

In addition to ongoing opportunities in the tourism sector, the Taupō District has investment opportunities in the areas of: processing industries utilising the local geothermal energy; forestry processing; aquaculture; primary industry innovation; and related educational opportunities.

Taupō District Council  

Taupō District Council is comprised of 12 councillors from five wards, and one mayor elected at large.

Taupō District Business Support Services  

The Taupō Business Chamber supports business growth throughout the Taupō District, with a particular focus on advocacy, networking, and building business capability.

Destination Great Lake Taupō (Love Taupō) the Regional Tourism Organisation for the Taupō District. They market the Taupō district to domestic and international markets to increase visitor numbers, length of stay and activity involvement.

Soda provides advice, information, referrals and connections to businesses in the Taupō District seeking support for their growth journey.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in investing in the Taupō District please contact us via our button below, or via our contact page. For more information on the Taupō District, visit the Taupō District Council website.