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South Waikato District

South Waikato District
Map of New Zealand, with the South Waikato district highlighted
The Blue Spring is in South Waikato

The South Waikato District is at the heart of the Waikato region and is known for its natural beauty and easy-going lifestyle.


Thanks to the South Waikato District Council’s resilience, South Waikato has businesses of all sizes thriving within the district.

The biggest industry contributors to economic growth are agriculture, forestry, and engineering and manufacturing.

South Waikato also has a number of key tourism offerings, including one of New Zealand’s most famous bike tracks, crystal clear freshwater springs, and New Zealand’s longest river.

Land Availability

Both the Buttermilk development in Putāruru and the Maraetai Road site in Tokoroa are two key spaces for big business. The council’s Community Concept Plan envisages the planned development of 600 new homes; a large Greenfield Business Park; and a Putāruru population increase of 40%. The South Waikato District Council is also supporting the redevelopment of commercial, business and industrial zoned land in Tokoroa to deliver increased capacity.


Businesses in South Waikato District Council have access to reliable road and rail infrastructure including a fast rail/road hub with connections to Ports of Tauranga and Auckland.

Investment Opportunities

South Waikato District Council is dedicated to providing investment opportunities for businesses at any size. 

South Waikato District Council  

South Waikato District Council is comprised of 10 councillors, and one mayor elected at large.

South Waikato District Business Support Services  

South Waikato Investment Fund Trust (SWIFT) is a community-owned economic development fund dedicated to the growth and development of business in South Waikato.

Soda provides advice, information, referrals and connections to businesses in the South Waikato District seeking support for their growth journey.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in investing in the South Waikato District please contact us via our button below, or via our contact page. For more information on the South Waikato District, visit the South Waikato District Council website.

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