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Courageous Conversations Workshop

This interactive workshop revolving around difficult conversations and corresponding skills will equip you with the emotional intelligence and active listening skills. With a focus on 8 top skills that will help navigate these conversations and ensure that lines of communication remain open after such conversations, you can Find your way back from conflict through mutually successful outcomes.

This interactive workshop will explore:

  • Difficult conversations – what makes them difficult and how to recognise and overcome barriers to effective communication.
  • Impact on business – why not having these conversations can negatively impact staff performance and productivity, not to mention trust.
  • Emotional Intelligence – how to manage your emotions and responses before you attempt to manage others.
  • Active listening – become a truly active listener and why it's important for communication success.
  • Eight top tips – before, during and after courageous conversations. How to move forward after a difficult conversation, and ensure the lines of communication remain open.


  • Establish a positive intent and a desired outcome.
  • Use communication skills to influence and control.
  • Gain skills to communicate positively with people and strengthen individual and team resilience.
  • Turn difficult conversations into successful interactions that enhance communication and rapport.
  • Find your way back from conflict through mutually successful outcomes.
  • Workshop
Date & Time
Waikato Innovation Park, Ruakura Road

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