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Global Food Industry Insights & Trends seminar

Category: Business

Join us for this highly requested topic as we cover Global Food Industry Trends and Insights for 2021 and beyond.

Now more than ever, consumers want to know where the food they are purchasing is coming from.

Consumers are interested in where ingredients are being sourced from, that the company has strong ethical philosophies and that it is doing its part for the envrionment with sustanable practices used throughout the supply chain.

A shift towards products that are nutritious and provide enhanced wellness by building immunity are important factors particularly as we navigate the Covid-era.

This event is generously sponsored by The Food Lab - also based at Waikato Innovation Park. We are keeping it local and holding the event at our premises.

9:45am ............ Coffee & Mingle

10.00am........... Group activity

10.30am........... Guest Speaker: Global Food Industry Trends & Insights

11.30am........... Group activity

11:50am...........Wrap Up & Reflections

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Date & Time
Waikato Innovation Park

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