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Everest - Leadership Development Program

What’s it about?

Would you like to be a powerful leader?

Would you like to increase your team effectiveness?

Would you like to achieve greater business success?

Leadership skills play a significant role in achieving business success by ensuring that individuals and teams are working to high performance.

Our Leadership Development programme offers current and emerging leaders a well-structured programme of learning.

Each four hour module introduces new leadership topics interwoven with the developing themes of self-leadership and communication.

The programme provides succinct and practical modules which can be applied immediately as participants return to their roles.

Participants receive a resource book and an Individual DISC Advanced® behavioural profile.

Build leadership capability in your business.

Six programme Modules:

1: Leadership, self-leadership, team development, roles and responsibilities of a leader

2: Managing performance excellence; planning, standards and development

3: Behavioural styles, communication, conflict management and emotional intelligence

4: Feedback 5: Coaching

6: Personal Effectiveness

Who should attend? Any manager or team leader who is looking to increase their management capability.

Ideally suited for those new to leading people.

Outcomes: At the end of the programme you will know how to use your new skills to lead and manage people.

You will learn positive leadership skills, practical strategies and tools to increase engagement and collaboration.

Could your team benefit from this workshop? All our workshops can be tailored to best meet the needs of your staff and your business.

Hold it at yours, or hold it at ours – what works for you, works for us.

Discounted team pricing available on request.

Workshop Dates:

Module One - 16th February Module Two - 2nd March Module Three - 16th March Module Four - 30th March Module Five - 13th April Module Six - 27th April

Date & Time
Waikato Innovation Park, Ruakura Road, Gallagher Building, Ruakura Conference Room, 1st Floor, Hamilton

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