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Understanding self and others: Your communication toolkit

Understanding Self and Others is a 2-day course filled with insight generating techniques and ah-ha moments, in a non-confrontation environment. ​You'll learn from one of the top educated and experienced TA* communication experts in Australasia, Dr Mandy Lacy.

Following the internationally recognised TA101 curriculum, you'll learn an easy to understand model of communication and human development, offering insights into what makes you, and others ‘tick’. (*TA stands for transactional analysis - a method for decoding and understanding communication).

This course is for you if:

You'd like to have better communication skills, learn how to relate better to others, or improve your relationships at work and at home.

You'd like to learn how to deal with difficult people, confronting situations or learn what to do when people talk down to you.

You'd like to understand why you and others think, feel and behave the way they do.

You'd like to learn how to avoid negative familiar patterns of behaviour you get into that end up in the same old uncomfortable and predictable outcomes.

You may want to gain an understanding on how you can motivate your team, be a better leader, or have better group dynamics.

You’re interested in improving your companies’ dynamics and culture...

You'd like to learn how to deal with clients or customers better, have a better understanding of client relationships and have clear agreements.

You'd like to change something in your life, learn more about yourself, or feel better about yourself or others.

You'd like to boost your confidence as a leader, in the workplace or in life generally.

You'd like to have more fun in your life!

Who is Understanding Self & Others for? Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Company Directors, People Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Change & Transformation Managers, Learning & Development Professionals Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Facilitators, anyone dealing with people or clients on a regular basis People who are interested in team and group dynamics.

People who work in the field of education, psychology, counseling, youth or social work, the church, nursing, aged care and health professions Parents, Step-parents, Grandparents, Singles, Couples and people looking to understand human development People on a journey of self-discovery, looking to understand themselves and others better.

Either way, you’ll enjoy a deeper understanding in the power of personal and professional development in unison. This means that you can’t separate them, deeper understanding about yourself and others benefits both your personal and professional life. Find out about the 7 powerful and effective modules + the 2 bonus modules and more.

How could you apply it in your life?

For your own interest and growth and self-discovery To augment your own professional approach to communication and relationship building You might want to use TA in your work as a manager, team leader, clinician, company director, consultant or coach.

You may apply it to work in education or social professions ̈ To go on to further training in TA · You might want to use it to improve your relationships creating more fulfillment and love in your life You might want to use it to improve how you communicate so that you have more opportunities in life. 

Date & Time
The Long Room Gate 3 Tristram Street Hamilton 3240, New Zealand

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