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Techweek - Safety in Forestry & Preserving Iwi Documents

From smart shirts that keep forestry workers safe to bespoke digital tools that preserve Māori history, our computer scientists are working side-by-side with communities every day and together. Join us to find out more about these unique partnerships.

The first half of the session will showcase the work of Tini o te Hakituri, an MBIE funded project which is exploring how to keep workers in hazardous work environments - like forestry - safe. They are currently developing a wearable device that can predict fatigue and hazard risks as well as a forestry worker’s current activity and environment.  

This portion of the session will be led by Dr Judy Bowen and Associate Professor Annika Hinze who will highlight some of the exciting challenges faced by integrating IoT into a rugged environment like forestry.

The second half of the session will centre on the Tohenihorau Whakatōhea Digital Library Project which involves a team of our leading computer scientists working with the Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board in Ōpōtiki to develop tools that help develop digital literacy, capability and capacity.

One of these is a digital library which helps preserve rare and unique elements of their history for future generations using the open source software Greenstone, developed by the University of Waikato.

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