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Te Waka Business Sentiment Survey - August 2021

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Te Waka, Waikato’s Regional Economic Development Agency partnered with a number of organisations to understand the sentiment of Waikato businesses assessing confidence and future plans. The aim to complete a six-monthly survey tracking the Waikato’s progress to develop support programmes and services that our business community can utilise to thrive and grow.

The latest online survey of 504 Waikato business owners and managers conducted during the August 2021 Level 4 Lockdown has revealed that business confidence has declined considerably, although not to the levels previously seen in the first sentiment survey of August 2020.


Survey results - Waikato Region

Sentiment Survey Tiles
Picture1 - Sector
Picture2 - Employees
Picture3 - District
Picture4 - Revenue
Picture5 - Impact of Lockdown
Picture6 - changes
Picture7 - Business Support
Picture8 - Business Confidence

Sentiment Survey News