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Covid-19 Online Resources

Te Waka Webinars - COVID19

Tune into a range of webinars on-demand as experts share their knowledge and expertise to address specific issues affecting your business today.

    Business Continuity & Economic Intelligence

    Creating Business Continuity Online Panel Presentation - Part 1/2

    Part 1 will have an overview of an action plan that can be followed to ensure your business handles this period as well as possible. Then individuals on the panel will provide a more lasered focus on keys aspects such as financial management, improving efficiencies, staff and marketing. All things that can have an immediate and positive impact.

    Creating Business Continuity Online Panel Presentation - Part 2/2

    Part 2 will focus on how the business owner can use this time to create a better and more productive business for the future. This discussion will help business owners develop a vision and a strategy to not only recover from the Covid-19 economic setbacks but become an even better and more valuable business than before.

    Te Waka Economic Radar Webinar

    Hosted by Te Waka CEO, Michael Bassett-Foss. Panelists are Blair Keenan, Principal Economist, Waikato Regional Council and Sarah MacKay, Economist, Waikato Regional Council.

    Waikato Chamber of Commerce Webinar with Hamilton City Council

    Richard Briggs, the CEO of Hamilton City Council and Blair Bowcott, the Executive Director for Special Projects for Hamilton City Council will be going into specific Projects that HCC with other Waikato Councils are fast-tracking to help get the Waikato out of the C-19 Recession.

    Digital Enablement

    Digital Enablement Series: Taking your Business Online

    Renée from Running in Heels will give you quick, clear, practical steps to get your online presence sorted – now. The webinar will run through the business decisions that you need to make, the actions you can take and the longer-term considerations to keep in mind too.

    Digital Enablement Series: Social Media

    Lead Social cover what platforms you should be using, key differences, what we should be posting about as we transition through the different alert levels and beyond and how to get the most of your content by tapping into the most detailed ads tool available. 

    Digital Enablement Series: Social Media, Advanced Facebook Ads

    LeadSocial takes you through advanced targeting options with Facebook ads, how to set up detailed ad campaigns and conversion tracking on your website. 

    Digital Enablement Series: Navigating the world of eCommerce

    LeadSocial present what eCommerce platforms to use and 10 things every eCommerce store should have/do. 

    Facebook and Instagram for Beginners

    Join Rachel Klaver as she talks about why they are important for your business (and which one should you use). The good and the bad - privacy issues and what to do if you hate using it yourself.

    Building a community that creates ongoing leads and referrals into your business

    Rachel Klaver from Identify takes you through the steps you need to take to build a strong following for your business, without spending thousands on marketing. 


    Strategy – What Great Hospitality Businesses do Differently

    In this webinar we look at strategy and how you can use it to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus and grow your business.

    Waikato Hospitality Webinar - 'Back in the Habit'

    What is the most effective methods of getting your customers ‘back in the habit’? This webinar will discuss the most effective strategies being used right now. 

    Financial Planning & Human Resources

    Cash flow in a Crisis - Part 1

    Whether you are currently suffering from cashflow uncertainty or have future cash concerns you would like to get ahead of, understanding and practicing cashflow management and forecasting could be the difference for your business continuity.

    Cash flow in a Crisis - Part 2

    This session our KPMG panelists alongside John Wilkinson from ASB will run through a practical step by step illustration of a daily cashflow and the real life impacts on the cash position of your business.

    Human Resources and Workplace Advice

    Presented by Everest Group, our third webinar in the series of four will continue to offer practical advice on how to prepare your organisation for change and how to navigate the associated employment related challenges.

    To be or not to be... GST registered

    Join Corey Wilson, a Chartered Accountant, in this hour-long Zoom webinar to learn about the benefits of being GST registered.

    If you would like more information please contact our Business Advisory Team