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The Waikato is home to hundreds of thriving businesses whose people enjoy the economic, social and lifestyle benefits our region has to offer.

The Waikato region is located on a nationally significant infrastructure corridor and is a prime location from which to take advantage of significant freight and logistics hubs.

Doing business in the Waikato gives you access to our region’s young, educated and ambitious workforce, supported by a strong network of education providers.

As the Waikato’s economic development agency, Te Waka, works alongside businesses to help them start-up, relocate or grow their operations. Whether you’re looking for funding, business advice or networking opporutnities, Te Waka can help. 

Business Advisory Service

Our Advisors take a bird's-eye look at your whole business, then help you connect with the right resources and experts so you can build capability and grow.

As part of a national network of people who can help, we’re your first port of call when you want to grow your enterprise efficiently and effectively.


Foundations of Emotional Intelligence 1-Day Workshop

Category: Business

Hosted by Everest People, this one-day workshop equips participants with the foundational knowledge and skills to use emotions intelligently at work. Participants will have a robust rationale and framework they can use to start developing an ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions in themselves and others.

Develop crucial skills for managing and dealing with people. 
Discover how emotions influence thinking, behavior, decision making and performance.
Identify your triggers and how to respond to them.
Improve individual performance and collaboration resulting in better business outcomes.
Increase your perception of emotions in yourself and others.

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to increase their influencing skills and ability to manage relationships.
Leaders, salespeople, front-line managers, project managers, customer service employees and anyone whose job involves dealing with people.


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