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Economic Intelligence

Te Waka publishes a range of economic intelligence reports which highlight the key indicators and trends of the Waikato economy, and provide expert insight and opinion.

The Economic Radar, currently published monthly, started in April 2020 to graphically track our region’s progress during and after the Covid-19 lockdown. We also publish quarterly economic updates where we highlight and discuss topics of interest to our region.

These publications are produced with the support of Waikato Regional Council Economists Blair Keenan and Sarah MacKay.

Te Waka Economic Radar Webinar

Hosted by Te Waka CEO, Michael Bassett-Foss. Panelists are Blair Keenan, Principal Economist, Waikato Regional Council and Sarah MacKay, Economist, Waikato Regional Council.

View this webinar from 20 July 2020 on-demand,  joining panelists as they unpack and explain the implications of the data presented in Te Waka’s weekly Economic Radar.



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